Tuesday, March 30, 2021

MIMWAL Generate Unique Value workflow activity & simultaneous activities on the same object

Has anyone noticed that running simultaneous (yet distinct) "Generate Unique Value" activities (in two separate workflows) on the same object causes the UniquenessKey to be updated on one of them?  For example, if I try to generate an AccountName and an Email for Luke Landlubber at the same time, in two distinct, parallel workflows, the outcomes will look inconsistent:

AccountName: LLandlubber
Email: Luke.Landlubber1@example.com


AccountName: LLandlubber1
Email: Luke.Landlubber@example.com

After some initial confusion, I noticed the pattern and made the email workflow wait on account name, and it produced the desired result:

AccountName: LLandlubber
Email: Luke.Landlubber@example.com

Update 2021-04-09

Looks like this isn't an issue with MIMWAL after all (thankfully).  Turns out, I had a race condition where a user would transition into a set *twice*, nearly simultaneously.  Not something you'd expect, right?  I suspect it had something to do with a nested set.  Possibly even an issue with the version installed (4.4.1302.0).  Anyway, I believe it's fixed after I flattened the transition set, meaning that I took the criteria of the nested set and added that directly to the parent set.

Unless you hear otherwise, you can assume that I had no more issues.  :^)