Monday, June 13, 2016

FIM Powershell Module: Remove/unset/clear a single-valued reference attribute

In the latest version of the FIM Powershell Module (2016-05-18), in order to remove/unset/clear a single-valued reference attribute, you're supposed to do this:

New-FimImportChange -Operation 'Replace' -AttributeName "Manager"

Note that you just don't supply the -AttributeValue paramter.  However, in my script, I don't want to perform the extra step of checking whether my value is present; so I'd like to do this:

New-FimImportChange -Operation 'Replace' -AttributeName "Manager" -AttributeValue "$newManager"

In order to do that, I had to make a small change to New-FimImportChange in FimPowerShellModule.psm1:

### Process the AttributeValue Parameter
if (!$AttributeValue)
    # Allow the caller to pass an empty AttributeValue to unset it, but DO NOT set the AttributeValue on the ImportChange object.
elseif ($AttributeValue -is [String])
    $importChange.AttributeValue = $AttributeValue
elseif ($AttributeValue -is [DateTime])

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