Monday, February 1, 2010

Error defining Activity Information Configuration: Access denied

I know the answer to this one is trivial, but if you encounter it, I thought I'd let you know that, no, you're not going crazy. Evidently, there is no default MPR for creating Activity Information Configuration's in the FIM portal.

So, if you're defining a custom workflow, and you're adding your interface to the portal for the first time, you may get the error, "Create Resource: Access denied." Here's a screen shot:

So the fix is to define an MPR to allow you to create these guys. Note that there is already an MPR that allows Administrators to read all resources, so we'll avoid the redundancy here.

Display NameAdministration: Administrators have full control over Activity Information Configuration resources
Action Parameter*
Action TypeAdd; Create; Delete; Modify; Remove
Action Workflows0
Authentication Workflows0
Authorization Workflows0
DescriptionAdministration: Administrators have full control over Activity Information Configuration resources
Grant RightTRUE
Principal SetAdministrators
Resource Current SetAll Activity Information Configurations
Resource Final SetAll Activity Information Configurations


  1. Thank YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Definitely a useful post :)

    Some of the missing MPR's that you'd expect by default are shocking!

  3. This is actually not the correct solution.

    The reason you get this error is because there is a bug in FIM.

    The built-in MPR called 'Administration: Administrators control configuration related resources' has a small typo in it.

    1.Open the MPR 'Administration: Administrators control configuration related resources'
    2.Go to 'Advanced View'
    3.Go to 'Extended Attributes'
    4.In the 'Action Parameter' attribute change the wrongly spelled 'IsAuthoriztionActivity' to 'IsAuthorizationActivity'
    5.Save the change.

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