Monday, February 1, 2010

FIM Query Tool for FIM 2010 RC1

I forgot to mention that I updated the FIM Query Tool to work with RC1 and the new unsupported web service client. So, if you haven't already stumbled upon it, you can download the latest release and take it for a test drive:

And please leave me any feedback on the Codeplex site or here; thanks!


  1. Excellent work Joe, thanks again for sharing this with the community!

  2. Could you please take a look at the latest stable version? It does not seem to be complete (some files are missing - the binary throws an I/O Exception).

  3. I don't know why it always stays turned on. I've tried different methods to change this but unfortunately they didn't give long term effect. Even guide didn't helped me. Have you any idea how to fix this? Or maybe I need to use the other FIM Query Tool for FIM 2010 RC1?