Wednesday, December 30, 2015


How to use:
. C:\PS\FIMPowerShell.ps1; . C:\PS\AddMembersToSet.ps1; Import-Csv "C:\PS\PersonsOfInterest.csv" | select 'Resource ID' | % { AddMembersToSet -IdentifierName 'ObjectID' -SetIdentifier '7ee30a29-ca1c-463f-a4ff-0375020b8843' -PersonIdentifiers $_.'Resource ID'  -Verbose }


"Display Name","Account Name","Resource ID"
"Garth Maul","GMaul","e330d85f-effd-442b-b78f-d6f7681a44e7"
"Sky Walker","SWalker","291959a2-4794-402b-a5f4-f8734326fbe6"
"Don Solo","DSolo","e2ae68a9-6b54-43d7-acb8-6b3ed6a82e45"


$DefaultUri = "http://localhost:5725"
function AddMembersToSet
    PARAM($SetIdentifier, $PersonIdentifiers, $IdentifierName="Email", $Uri = $DefaultUri, [switch]$WhatIf)
        Write-Verbose "`$ResolveSet = ResolveObject-ObjectType 'Set' -AttributeName $IdentifierName -AttributeValue$SetIdentifier"
        $ResolveSet = ResolveObject -ObjectType "Set" -AttributeName $IdentifierName -AttributeValue $SetIdentifier
        $ResolveSet | Import-FIMConfig -Uri $Uri
             Write-Verbose "`$ResolveSet: "
        $ImportObjects = $NULL
        $AddedMembers = $NULL
        foreach($PersonIdentifier in $PersonIdentifiers)
                    Write-Verbose "`$ImportObject = ResolveObject -ObjectType 'Person'-AttributeName $IdentifierName -AttributeValue $PersonIdentifier"
            $ImportObject = ResolveObject -ObjectType "Person" -AttributeName $IdentifierName -AttributeValue $PersonIdentifier
                    $ImportObject | Import-FIMConfig -Uri $Uri
                    Write-Verbose "`$ImportObject: "
            if($AddedMembers -eq $NULL)
                $AddedMembers = @($ImportObject.SourceObjectIdentifier)
                $AddedMembers += $ImportObject.SourceObjectIdentifier
            if($ImportObjects -eq $NULL)
                $ImportObjects = @($ImportObject)
                $ImportObjects += $ImportObject
        $ModifyImportObject = ModifyImportObject -TargetIdentifier $ResolveSet.TargetObjectIdentifier -ObjectType "Set"
        $ModifyImportObject.SourceObjectIdentifier = $ResolveSet.SourceObjectIdentifier
             Write-Verbose "`$ModifyImportObject: "
        foreach($AddedMember in $AddedMembers)
            $newValue = $AddedMember
            #The followingline adds all of the Person resources to the Set (if not commented out).
            AddMultiValue -ImportObject $ModifyImportObject -AttributeName "ExplicitMember" -NewAttributeValue $newValue -FullyResolved 0
            #The followingline removes all of the Person resources from the Set (if not commented out).
            #RemoveMultiValue-ImportObject $ModifyImportObject -AttributeName "ExplicitMember"-NewAttributeValue $newValue -FullyResolved 0
        $ImportObjects += $ModifyImportObject
             if (!$WhatIf) {
              #The following line will update the Setobject with the added members (if not commented out).
                    $ImportObjects | Import-FIMConfig -Uri $Uri
                #$ImportObjects | % { Import-FIMConfig$_ -Uri $Uri; Break }
             } else {
              #The following line returns a referenceto the ImportObject collection (if not commented out).

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