Friday, April 17, 2009

ILM 2 password client install snafu

I encountered the following error while attempting to install the password reset client from the ILM 2 program folder (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Identity Management\Web Portals\WSSDir\PasswordManagementClient\ilm-client.msi). I couldn't find much help from an internet search, but David Lundell pointed out my problem. It was a silly but honest mistake, so I thought I'd document it.

Office integration requires Smart Tags .Net Programmability Support. Please install it from the Office CDs (under Office Tools) and try again.

It turns out that, in my haste, I had selected all the defaults of the installation, which is an honest mistake. Since I was installing this on the dev server box for testing, I didn't have Office installed, yet I left the Office Integration component selected for install. The simple answer is to deselect this option during install.

Hope this helps!

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