Friday, April 17, 2009

Source code posted

We've finally posted the source code to Brad Turner's TEC 2009 workshop. Sorry for the delay; project deliveries are always getting in the way; you know how it goes.

ILM 2 RC0 Ensynch Custom Workflow Activity Library

And a few screen shots for you...

Sorry for the lack of description on these, but I'll be hosting a webinar on them next week. More details on that coming soon...


  1. Hi Joe!
    This looks great and I look forward to the webinar. I hope you've had an opportunity to have a look at my activities as well(

    After seeing the screenshots I can recommend you to use the ParameterPickerControl - "base.DesignerHostProvider.CreateParameterPickerControl()" from you ActivtySettingsPart for selecting source and target values.


  2. Thanks Henrik. I wish I had known about that ParameterPickerControl months ago!